Daily Review Challenge, Day 5: (Misc) Headaches

My friend, the awesome Tristan Tarwater of Back That Elf Up, has suggested an alternative to NaNoWriMo for those of us that don’t participate. Her recommendation is, “Every day this month, write a review…” I haven’t really stayed on topic, but, I have accepted this challenge.

There are two types of headaches I get: Migraines and tension headaches. While I don’t recommend either to anyone, I have found a predictability to each episode.

Migraines, for me, usually happen in tandem with hormonal changes, and come in clusters. They always catch me by surprise, which makes sense since they hit me like a brick. First it seems like the lights get turned up to 100. I will feel the ache over my right eye, which might also begin to twitch. A wave of nausea will splash over me. Then I essentially live out the Key & Peele video above until I can get an Imitrex in my face and an eye mask on. If I can, I will sleep until it doesn’t bother me to see light. And if I can’t sleep, this time is actually pretty conducive to podcast listening, but sleeping through the ache is definitely the better option.

Tension headaches, like the one I have today, are a whole other beast. If I’m going to get one I’m likely to wake up with it, from clenching my jaw and neck all night. It will reach from my eyebrows, over my skull, and down the back of my head and behind my ears, finally stopping at the neck. Sometimes a shower and a cup of coffee are all I need to fight it off. Sometimes a scalp massage and some Tiger Balm will do the trick. And sometimes I need all of the above plus muscle relaxers to fight it off. They will last anywhere from 20 minutes to… six hours and counting, apparently.

All in all, I give headaches a 0/10 – Do Not Recommend. You heard it here first, folks.

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