Daily Review Challenge, Day 4: (Misc) Writing Reviews

My friend, the awesome Tristan Tarwater of Back That Elf Up, has suggested an alternative to NaNoWriMo for those of us that don’t participate. Her recommendation is, “Every day this month, write a review for/rate/share one piece of media you’ve enjoyed. Book, game, comic, etc.” I have accepted this challenge.

Dudes. It’s day four and I’m writing a review on writing reviews. I didn’t think it would be an easy challenge. But it’s still harder than I thought.

The thing is, I compiled a whole list of things to review, but none of them were singing to me today. Nothing seemed right until I decided to write about the process. Why? Because that how I get my way through writers block.

All in all it’s fun and it has me thinking a lot about my favorite things. I’ve also been on a big decluttering kick lately, and this practice really goes hand in hand with that. Plus it’s excellent writing practice! I do feel like I err to the side of writing about things I love, but it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want! >_<

One thought on “Daily Review Challenge, Day 4: (Misc) Writing Reviews

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