Daily Review Challenge, Day 3: (Clothes) Mermaid Leggings by Chubby Cartwheels

My friend, the awesome Tristan Tarwater of Back That Elf Up, has suggested an alternative to NaNoWriMo for those of us that don’t participate. Her recommendation is, “Every day this month, write a review for/rate/share one piece of media you’ve enjoyed. Book, game, comic, etc.” I have accepted this challenge.

Halloween 2015. I am a chimera a.k.a a babe of mythic proportions.

I can’t for sure remember the time line, but I’m pretty sure I stalked these leggings for years. You see, they are made by independent designer, Chubby Cartwheels, and feature one of the coolest prints I’ve ever seen in leg wear.

However, about the same time I discovered that they existed, I also discovered that they were sold out in green, the ultimate mermaid-y color (though the sadness lead me to pick up some adorable mermaidy booty-shorts by Allihalla at Fat Fancy one day).

Then the announcement came: Chubby Cartwheels mermaid leggings were back in stock! I purchased them instantly so I would never miss them again.

First of all, they fit really well, and run true to size. Sometimes leggings tend to rise a little lower than I care for, and wind up rolling under my belly or fail to cover my but crack. But these are perfect. They don’t fall down, they don’t rise up. No unintentionally exposed belly and no wedgies!

Secondly, the fabric is lustrous, and as such I want them on me ALL. THE. TIME. I’ve also found them to be pretty washable, so long as I turn them inside out and hang them to dry.

Thirdly, they get all kinds of compliments, and I love them so much I based my whole Halloween costume around them this year (see above).

But my favorite part about these leggings is that they are made by hand, locally, by another rad fatty. Shawna Farmer is amazing, and I fantasize regularly about interning for her, just so I may bask in her talent. For real, check out her blog and shop her store.

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