Last Comic Standing and Amy Miller

You dudes. My favorite comedian in Portland, lo, Portland’s funniest person is on Last Comic Standing this season!


Spoilers behind cut… 

Last night I had the pleasure of kicking back and watching the first episode of the new season of Last Comic Standing. I knew it was back on the air because some time yesterday my facebook EXPLODED with comments in regards to Amy Miller‘s performance on the show. I love the show anyway, and she was on it!? You KNOW I tuned in!

Initial Thoughts:

1) There’s a new host – Anthony Jeselnik. He’s not my fave, as I tend not to love his smarmy persona, but it works well in this context. Also, he’s very quick and sardonic which is great in all of the exchanges. This might change my opinion on him, just like JB Smoove’s hosting did for me last year. So that’s cool.

2) Rosanne Barr is amazing and I love her.

3) How many people had to turn down the role of judge before they hired Norm Macdonald… seriously, they could have thrown any senile, old grandpa into that chair to the same effect. Shit, I’d even take Carrot Top… at least he can string a sentence together cohesively!

Those observations aside,  I was excited to see some of my faves in the mix, like Ian Bagg and Rhea Butcher. But my favorite part is discovering comics I’ve never heard of. I was really impressed with Ryan Conner, and his unique perspective. Everyone else was funny (except Bryan Kellen). But my fave remains Amy Miller.

It was around the second or third commercial break that they started alluding to a controversial comic in upcoming segments. After showing the sour faces of the judges, the camera focused on Miller, and I knew it was going to be good. I’m pretty familiar with her stand-up and had a good idea of what to expect. However, it would be almost the end of the episode before I’d get to see her set. THE AGONY OF WAITING! And it turns out, I did not expect her final joke. I almost spit-taked. In a good way.

See the thing is, she made a joke about race. Not a racist joke. Just a joke about race. This, as I see it, is not the controversy. For those who follow me here or on Facebook, you know I’m a big advocate for “people with privilege” using that privilege to speak up for the people without. And she did and she nailed it. The most racist thing about her joke was Norm’s reaction, saying its the type of joke that should only be told by a black comic, which I was glad Keenan Ivory Wayans was quick to refute. And holy balls did I fill with joy when Rosanne jumped to her defense. The woman has taste. I’d only be prouder if Rosanne jumped to MY defense.

Since I’ve already spoiled so much already, ***SPOILER ALERT*** I shall go on to say after seeing the judges reaction, I’m a little surprised that Miller made it to the second round. But I’m glad she did, and I’ll be cheering her on for as long as she’s on the show and then some. She’s a comedy genius, and deserves all the recognition she can get.

Watch the whole episode here on Hulu.

Get it, girl!

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