Gunter P. Kittycat

Only like the best dude ever.

On Wednesday, April 22, 2015, the world lost Gunter P. Kittycat, one of the greatest cats known to man. He got to go peacefully, at home, surrounded by family. He is survived by his humans, Bean and Emil, his foster sister, Baby Skipper, many friends and so much love.

As legend has it, Gunter was found on the mean streets of Vancouver, WA, wandering around on his lonesome. He was brought to the Humane Society of SW Washington, and rescued by The Pixie Project in 2008. At the time, he was about 5 years old.

Gunter was a real people person cat, and as such it wasn’t long before the Cattery at the Pixie Project became too much for him. He was placed into foster care at an Alberta Street hippy house until his forever home could be found. In December of 2008, that home was found with Bean, who could tell instantly what a super dope dude Gunter was.

In his new forever home, it was quickly determined that Gunter and Bean had a mutual love for books. They would spend Sunday afternoons curled up on the couch together, while Bean read to Gunter until they both fell asleep. It was also discovered that Gunter enjoyed helping Bean with her crafts.

In the Spring of 2013, this duo became a trio when Emil moved in. Gunter was very happy for his family to grow, and took right to Emil.

In 2014, Gunter and Bean started their business (Gunter & Bean), notably working on the Krampus Puppet together for The Martyrdom of Old St. Nick, a film to be released later in 2015. Additionally their family was joined by Baby Skipper, a delightful little pip who moved in while her mom travels the Middle East.

Gunter loved crunchies, kitty spoons, being tucked into bed, eating moths, parties, yogurt, attention, cuddles, Emil and Bean. It’s believed he liked Skipper, too.

A memorial service is being planned. In lieu of flowers, please send any donations to The Pixie Project.

3 thoughts on “Gunter P. Kittycat

  1. So I imagine Jack has met up with Gunter and said “Sup G!” We can now eat what ever we want! Lets go run and pee! Oh yeah, this is my “pal” Smudge. Yeah we’re all surprised she made it “upstairs”. And here is your new Mom Sammy. She will snuggle and love you lots and lots. Here is her son Boo that looks like a small you – “High 5 Bro!” and his sister Alice rollin like a fat kid down a hill. Oh look, its Dinah, is she beautiful or what?! She is at peace and no longer eating non edible items on earth.
    Hey we are a big family of lucky cats. Seriously dude, no one has had it better than us kitties. So C’mon G lets go eat bacon! yea!!!!!!

  2. Smer

    Oh, the feels. I have so many awesome memories of that dude, and am so incredibly sad that he is gone. He helped me study for grad school (by lying across my books); he helped me fall asleep (by lying across my arm); he helped me watch tv (by lying across my lap). He met me at your front door countless times; he supervised board games and dinner making and board games. He hunted moths like a champion, and made every visit to your house even more delightful. He will be missed in a big way.

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