Speaking of Feminism

Okay, so maybe it’s not just feminism. Maybe one of these things is about race or privilege, another is about domestic abuse, and the last is about rape culture. However, rather than get tied up trying to label all of this, I’m just going to post it under feminism. From my perspective, it seems like it still applies to all of the articles below.

First up is a series of GIFs taken from a speech Michael Kimmel did at Dartmouth College, entitled Boys Will Be Boys: Deconstructing Masculinity and Manhood. The whole speech (1:28:11) can be watched here. These highlights were captured off of Tumblr.

Thank you, Dr. Kimmel, for this insight.

Next up, here’s a repost of something Patton Oswalt put on Facebook. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ray Rice, he’s the dude who punched his girlfriend out cold, then kind of kicked her out of an elevator in February. He’s also the star running back for NFL team, the Baltimore Ravens. Prior to the release of the second video, he was suspended from 2 games. In the light of the second video, the NFL has made a new policy for domestic abuse: first offence is a six game suspension. Second offense is banishment from the NFL. Personally, I think ANY AND ALL OFFENSES SHOULD INCLUDE JAIL TIME, but apparently that’s just me. 16 senators have written an open letter urging the NFL to adopt a zero-tolerance policy. It also made the news that all of those senators are female (first of all, why can’t it JUST be 16 senators, and not 16 female senators. Secondly, MEN – A little support, here?) Regardless, banishment from the NFL is not proper punishment, in my opinion. But that’s just my opinion.

Lastly, here’s a video I saw on everydayfeminism.com that kind of made me giggle. This would be Anna Binkovitz performing her poem, Asking For It.

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