It’s been a while, you guys

Hey dudes!

It’s been a while, huh? Sorry, I didn’t mean to leave you all here on your lonesome. Emil and I went back to Vermont for a bit, and have been takin’ it easy since we got home. We went back for my grandma’s funeral. It was a good service, and nice burial and a great reception. It’s always cool seeing the extended family. After all that my folks, aunts, uncles and cousins all headed back to my Gram’s house, and I got to spend some time in it one last time. It was fun to show Emil where I spent my time hanging out as a little kid. 

My parent’s cat, Coco, hanging out at the corner of Time & Space.

The rest of the trip was pretty awesome, too. It was nice to get to spend some time with my parents. Lots of good chatting, relaxing and maxing all cool. AND we spent a day playing through almost the entire deck of Cards Against Humanity, AND the first four expansions! Good times.

I didn’t think anyone could top the Queen’s pubes, until Stephen Hawking entered the picture.

Also while in Vermont, we got to see my old friends the Stattel’s. We met up in Shelburne at Folino’s for pizza. The place is BYOB, but luckily there’s a brewery in the hallway that makes a delicious IPA. Afterwards, we headed over to Ferrisburgh to enjoy some awesome ice cream and cookies from Cookie Love. We were eaten alive by mosquitos, but we didn’t care! The ice cream wasn’t to be missed. Thanks, Stattel’s, for meeting us for dinner. Wish we could have hung out longer. We’ll be back!

Oh, and before we left VT (and I mean like, the hour before we went to the airport), we stopped in Burlington for some coffee and creemees at Scout & Co. A friend of mine from the teen years had been posting pictures of this place as it’s developed, on the Instagram. I had to go in and check it out once I heard about the smoked maple and sea salt creemee. Holy balls, you guys, this stuff was the bomb. See? See? We also got to try the cucumber-mint milkshake (I can’t even begin to comprehend how good this was let alone try to describe it to you) and some fancy coffee. We wound up picking up a bag of the George Howell Miralvalle, which we’ve been enjoying via french press since we’ve returned home.

Smoked Maple and Sea Salt Creemee. Pretty sure it’s made with angel tears and unicorn smiles, because this shit is UNREAL!

After returning home, I we got to spend an evening with my OSS friends. Good times! Josh showed off the stage with Frosty on it! I can’t help but feel proud every time I see it. For those who haven’t been following, I worked on the stage floor, curtains, and sandbags, as well as Frosty’s arms. Josh finished the outside of the box, and the details are rad. I love the feet it stands on, and the box corners. Tonight I will be getting the box back in my possession to fit Frosty for his Hawaiian shirt, and wrap the box handle with leather!

Frosty lookin’ rad.

Also, I made a thing! I finally picked up some Sculpey and gave it a whirl. What came out of it was a snail. I’m really pleased with this first piece, and how the clay feels. I got some more (there was a sweet sale at Joann’s!) along with some bead-making stuff. Prepare to see some of my own beads popping up in my jewelry in the near future.

Snail with shadow, on graph paper.

Hope you’ve had good week. And if you’re hungry, you can look forward to tomorrow’s post, Southwest Mac’n’Cheese. Spla-DOW!



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