A belated Friday Favorites

Oh man. I’ve been busy. My store is open, for rizzle, and people are ordering things! It’s great! Also, you could be one of them!

Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy I forgot to post my Friday Favorites this week… I could have been skipped, but there’s two people who’s work I’ve been wanting to share with everyone, and I couldn’t let it slide another day. So please read about two of my amazing friends:

1. Randi Whipple

One of the neat things about Randi is that the more you try to describe her, the more it sounds like she’s some fictional “girlfriend from Canada” because she’s entirely too good to be true. For example, just check out her Instagram. This is where she’s documenting her trip across the Atlantic Ocean on a 36-foot sailboat. She’s half of the two person, all woman crew. I am SO proud of her for embarking on this endeavor.

Other fun facts about the Amazing Randi: she’s the original mom of Baby Skipper, the Gunter look-alike we are fostering while Randi is amidst her travels. She’s also the person from whom I purchased the industrial sewing machine. She is also the person who upholstered the cushions and refinished the wood on our couch and throne, as well as produced several of the art pieces in our home. She’s so amazingly multi-talented. If you are interested in supporting her on her voyage, you can purchase shell and coral necklaces from her for $20. They are made with shells and coral she found herself, with other fishing/sailing materials.

2. The Grandma Diaries

My friend Erin has been road tripping with her Grandma’s (plus bonus Grandma!) from Portland, OR to Branson, MI. She has been documenting the trip via blog, and holy crap. I just hope he’s having as much fun there as I am reading it. Erin is a great writer (all of my friends named Erin are… I wonder if that’s a thing…) and also very funny. It’s a good combo. I really don’t want to spoil anything, go read it!

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