Friday Favorites

It’s Friday, and as such I feel like I should be publishing my favorites things from the week. And while I really did like stumbling upon Postmodern Jukebox, and watching this video (and this video), or checking out this paper-cut art by Owen Dennis, my favorite things this week haven’t been art or music videos. It’s been my friends.

A week ago, I was celebrating Emil’s birthday with a double feature of Putney Swope and Pootie Tang, in between catching up with old friends in the kitchen.

The following night, Fart Castle hosted a potluck where the theme was “food of memory.” More than comfort food, this gathering was about bringing something with a story. The spread was amazing, and had everything from PB&J’s, to pot pie, to roast chicken, to rice krispee treats! I met some awesome new people, played with some Star Wars action figures and sat around and shot the shit late into the evening.

This week I’ve also had the pleasure of welcoming Jim and Wrigley home again after a long time away, making Hungarian Mushroom Soup for Emil and Josh, and receiving a care package from Helen, full of delicious treats and kitty toys from VT, after her visit the previous weekend!

Additionally, I have really enjoyed spending time with another friend before she leaves to sail the Atlantic Ocean on a 36′ sailboat, in pursuit of her captain’s license. And with her departure, Fart Castle welcomes another resident, Baby Skipper!!! She’s a pretty kitty who looks almost identical to Gunter. Believe me, pictures will be provided as soon as she comes out from under the futon.

In short, I can’t just make a fast Friday Five, today. It’s been an overwhelmingly wonderful week, thanks to the people I’m lucky to surround myself with.

So here’s a gif of a kitchen dance party.



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