Friday Faves VI

1. The Making of a Real-Life Jake Sword!

DUUUUUUDE!  Man at Arms might be my new favorite show. The making of Jake’s Sword is the first episode I watched. He also makes Finn’s Golden Sword, and also a bunch of non-AT related weaponry… like Mjölnir! And He-Man’s sword! And so many more. Enjoy.

2. Stuck in VT featuring Lila the Tattoo Lady

This few minutes is spent with Lila Rees, the lady who did my Vermont Crest Tattoo. She’s a great tattooist, funny, and her studio is freakin’ amazing.

3. Jes Baker’s well thought our response to Carolyn Hall’s “6 Things I Don’t Understand About The Fat Acceptance Movement”

Jes Baker make’s my list again with this awesomely put together response to Carolyn Hall’s piece. It’s since been posted on HuffPo and ThoughtCatalog. It’s also worth falling down the rabbit-hole of links.

4. Delayed Replays

I picked up Delayed Replays by Liz Prince to read the other evening, and refused to put it down until it was done. It’s cute, endearing, and very relatable. Well, if you’re an awkward lady like myself.

5.  Animation Domination Hi-Def

A consistent source for the coolest animated GIFs you’ve ever seen, Fox’s (WHAT!?) Animation Domination Hi-Def,  AKA. ADHD, has been rockin’ my tumblr feed for weeks.


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