Carrot Salad

Today I wanted to share with everyone my carrot salad, because it’s become quite a staple at the Fart Castle. We started making it when Emil and I went on a weeklong “raw” fast, eschewing meat, dairy, salt, dried seasonings, alcohol and cooking. It wasn’t the most fun week, but it gave us an opportunity to think much differently about the way we eat foods and what we consume. This carrot salad quickly became a favorite, and has stayed a consistent ingredient in our fridge long past the fast. This is because it’s not only good on its own, but we toss it into other meals all the time. It’s great on a bed of greens, would work in the Tilapia Tacos, and is one of the main ingredients in my Mediterranean Hummus Sammies (recipe coming next week!). Also it’s really simple to make, and because it’s vegan and free of most food allergens, it’s a great dish for a potluck.

Carrot Salad


4 carrots (I like to use rainbow carrots just cuz they look pretty)
4-5 sprigs of fresh mint
½ lemon

Eat your rainbow!


Grate carrots into a large mixing bowl.

Grated Rainbow Carrots


Remove stems from mint and mince leaves.

Mincing mint with the Ulu


Zest half lemon.

Watch your fingers!


Add all ingredients to the bowl and then squeeze the juice from the half-lemon over the ingredients.

Nice shot, Josh!

Mix it all up, and give it a few minutes to mélange before serving.

Now add it to everything you love.

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