Sticker Nerds III


Due to language and sexual [illustrated] content these are definitely not for kids… which I mention only so all those babies out there know how cool they are for looking. What’s up, you cool babies? (This paraphrase is totally stolen from the intro to My Brother My Brother and Me. I am not that original. But I love it. Listen to this show, while you’re at it.)

On March 29, 2014 I had the pleasure of attending Sticker Nerds III. Due to what some might consider artistic censorship, the Fire Marshall limited the event to 25 attendees at a time. While this meant long lines, in the rain, uphill, both ways, it didn’t seem to discourage anyone. A supportive, friendly crowd formed itself around the block. People came through the line, passing out stickers and checking in with the crowd to keep everyone pumped. And everyone who exited the venue told the people waiting outside it was well worth the wait.

A great day for my sticker collection.
And it was. Here you can see my haul of stickers, pins and magnets.

If you have any information on this artist, please leave a comment!

And this is the amazing painting Emil and I picked up… a day hasn’t gone by since we hung it that we haven’t commented on how cool it is. It’s signed by Fonz, but google isn’t turning anything up. If you know who this artist might be, I’d really appreciate a comment. I am hoping to procure more of this person’s artwork in the future.

Creepy Lovebirds

Here’s Emil and I wearing our Rx Teefs Bandanas.

Now, without further ado:

Below you’ll find 30 of the pictures I took at the exhibit. They were all taken with my phone, so some are blurry, but these were my favorites and I still think they’re worth the share.

Please leave a comment if I’m missing any artists’ credits. These are just the ones I could recognize:

Annatomix, Arrex, Atum_FFC, Damers2ma, Dead Cell, Ded Red, Dr. Rasterbator, dre_uhhhh, Dronex, FilthGrime, Foulwolf, Gadzoox, Gag Hag, GooGoo, Hesher Park, Homo Riot, Invoice, Just One Racoon, Kanye PDX, Killed, Inc., KooLaid, Lucid Rose, Mad One, Magical, Mehdicine Man, Mewt, MF Pinekone, Nundo, PDX Toothfairy, PDXStickers, Princess Fucking Daddy, Psycozrcs, Ren One Lab, R0bot Head, Shroom One, Skam, Skrumpy, Sleep, Star Head Boy, The Lost Cause, Think, Thumbtopus, Voxx Romana, Wintermute

Sticker Nerds III

Art is not a crime. Unless you do it right.

Love this Gag Hag piece.

Be happy you didn't look inside.


A whole wall by PDXStickers

Almost bought this painting, too.

Prosthetic Eyes and Teeth! Oh my!

Amazing work by Lucid Rose


The cutest little Arrex in Portland

cocks I doodled, dude

I thought this was so funny, I got a copy for myself!



2 thoughts on “Sticker Nerds III

  1. Fonz- he came through with Kater from the east coast in a van. They came through for the event- hit up the walls- and then disappeared! All I know about Fonz is that he was a super nice dude, quite young for the talent he has. Good score on that painting!!

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