Friday Favorites II

1. The Militant Baker
The awesome Jes Baker of the Militant Baker
Jes Baker is out there inspiring me every day. I do not have the words to express the good she’s doing for the world. Just go, go now, and check out The Militant Baker.

2. Fat Fancy
I love this store. I’ve been going there a long time to find some fun and funky clothes in my size. The staff is really nice and helpful, and the whole place just has an overwhelming feel of positivity. It’s so nice, sometimes I wish I could just hang out there.

Recently, Fat Fancy made its way to the online market by creating an etsy shop. While it’s just a small sampling of what the store is like, I recommend it for anyone who can’t make it to Portland.

3. This Shirt

Available from fASHLINdotcom on Etsy.

4. Custom Kaiju Monster Toys
I came across the Plastic Kaiju Tumblr via Pinterest. Almost every day there’s an awesome selection of platic kaiju monsters, handmade and amazing. This is one of my favorites, above.

5. Action League Now
When I was a tween one of my favorite shows was Nickelodeon’s KaBlam!, an animated sketch comedy show for kids. It featured a theme song by The Toasters, and several regular shorts, like Prometheus and Bob, and of course, Action League Now. I found myself missing it the other day, and wondered if it held up. Yep – Meltman and Stinky Diver are still pretty funny. Check it out!

6. Dripface
Look into my eyes
Not sure how I stumbled across Dripface on Etsy, but I’m glad I did. Stickers are totally my jam. So are black cats, goats, and extra eyes all over the place. Here’s a sticker Dripface made of an enlightened Gunter. Ok, it’s not inspired by Gunter, but slap a googly eye on Gunter’s forehead, and this is what he looks like! 

7. Sticker Nerds 3!
Kind of a creepy poster. Sorry!
Speaking of stickers, one of the coolest events ever is happening tomorrow! Sticker Nerds 3! Comprised of all of the artists I’m regularly snappin’ on my Instagram and so many more! It’s running tomorrow from 1-9pm. And while set up has been in progress for a while, location will not be announced until tomorrow morning! Neat shtick! Can’t wait until tomorrow… I hope I’m one of the first 100 people there!

8. Linework NW

Another event I’m extremely excited about is Linework NW. Headlined by two of my favorite artists. With exhibitors like Jim Woodring, Michael Deforge, Farel Dalrymple, Madéleine Flores, Tom Neely, Zack Soto, and my friend Reid Psaltis. Between this and Sticker Nerds, I’m pretty stoked for the future art to adorn my office walls.

Happy Friday!



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